Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Openings and ........

Oh Dear Oh Dear

The last couple of days we have not been very 'tranquil'!

O still smiling!

What started off as an ordinary door opening, covered in cement, is now the opening to a cave it seems.

The region where Ugly Betty is, used to be a prehistoric lake and a lot of the houses has been built with wonderful fossil stones called 'Stromatolites'
4 Stromatolites filling the wheelbarrow!

(In Gannat a mere 10 km's away, there's a very interesting museum explaining the region and the beasts that used to live here many many moons ago - )

The stones outside looks like landart
But getting back to our darling and the fact that we have to change all the doors and windows, this seems to be a rather daunting task as things can move and change in an eye-wink. As illustrated herewith!

The morning
Late Afternoon !

In the meantime we found old bricks and O chiseled away on a lintel for the doorpost! And the new doors and windows are arriving on Friday!

Poor Dusty did not think we'll use him as a packhorse!

The stone lintel ready to be raised to 2.20 meters

So now for the suite........ 

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