Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hammers and Odors

Favourite tools!

Now I am a girl that can handle a hammer - that is why we never fight on site!!
The hand that got hit!
And when I do miss the target, oh boy, it certainly hurts like hell - I found out again this week!
With all the bashing we're doing, I tend to hit the same spot, but with a bit of tlc and Arnica Montana, you can almost not see the blue anymore ! In France we call Arnica Montana the plant for beaten women! It does work miracles!

It is incredible what a little opening up of an old stuffy house can do!
Brick wall down - now to take out all the rubble!
Taking down the old bathroom wall

Ugly Betty is actually smelling like a young girl again.

With thick layers of cement on her beautiful stone walls, dampness were trapped everywhere! The chipping off, although taking lots of time, is changing her odor daily
O chipping up the tiled floor

When O started chipping up the cement floor, we actually found old clay tiles underneath.
Unfortunately we are not able to recover them as they have become brittle with all the damp! In just 2 days Olivier did such a great job - almost 20 m² of thick cement bit by bit with a hammer, chisel and crowbar!

Now I know why we are a tiny bit tired at night!


  1. Hâte de venir voir tout ça et peut être vous apporter quelques bras supplémentaires!!
    Bon courage à vous et merci pour le blog ca me donne envie de faire sauter mes cloisons egalement !!
    PLein de bisous !

  2. bravo et bon courage, quand à nous c'est opération peintures dans tout l'appart cela va nous emmener à Noel, mais là on est battus !!