Friday, 11 November 2011

Déchetterie and wires!

O loading rotten floorboards - first trip of many to come

For my English friend, dechetterie is the waste disposal site where one takes all rubble.

When we first started work here Aux Jardins des Thevenets 9 and a bit years ago, we very quickly found the local déchetterie.

Now, with the gutting of Ugly Betty, we are using the same one, many trips per day there and back.

Wires everywhere
It is incredible the stuff that comes out of such a tiny little house
It really makes one wonder about people and the way they hoard (and then I think of this house and if I have to pack and clean one day - OH MY WORD!!!)

One of the things we discovered about the past owner of Ugly Betty (may he RIP) is that he must have had a fetish for wires. 
Telephone wires, electrical cables, anything wiry, you name it, it was hanging somewhere around the rooms!
You are being watched!
I am just amazed that he did not actually electrocuted himself along the line!
He even had a very basic surveying system at his front porch.

After the first day this has all been ripped out, but the incredible electrical system is just too much and we are waiting for the local electricity company to come and install a new board. Will be much safer for the future!

All in a days work getting Ugly Betty transformed!

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