Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chic Betty - TNX Babe!

Truck filled to the brim
Last night driving back from the other side of Dijon (more than 3 hours away) in the pouring rain, barely seeing the glittering black road that snaked ahead, with a truck stuffed full of furniture, I once again realized how incredible this life is. 

If one is prepared to open yourself up to others, to help, to share. 

We went to help a dear friend clean out a home of a friend that passed away and Ugly Betty gained beautiful furniture for her lounge and dining room! (Not to mention enough toilet paper for a lifetime!)

Elegant table waiting patiently for its place

Lovely chairs to be restored

This morning we unpacked the truck and Ugly Betty, with holes in her walls, a leaking roof and so much still to be done, welcomed elegant chairs and tables for her interior! All wrapped up in the barn, waiting to get a bit 'sproused' up. And she'll become Chic Betty!

I do think that sometimes we do things the wrong way around but hey, this is inspiring to us as well! Projecting into the future - visualising the final product.

Thank you Babe for this.

Life is about sharing and if there's one person that does more than her fare share for others, it is my dear friend 'Babe'! I am very lucky to have her as my friend. Luv Ya Babe! 

We might have to re-baptise Ugly Betty and call her Chic Babe?


  1. like it so much,......all what you are doing!!!!i love you

  2. How wonderful! I love living your life via the blog. Thanks for all the sharing you've done with me. You have made my life a more interesting place! I love you too!