Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One week

Bathroom before
Today a week ago we did the final signing and 'Ugly Betty' became ours!
Well, tonight it feels like we've had her for years!

My handwork almost done
In one week we've almost done all the 'gutting' and that is maybe why there's not a bone in my body that's not aching tonight.

During the hours of carting bags of rubble, ripping up floorboards etc I was thinking that we certainly are not 'all there' as we say in South Africa.
Bathroom After!
After our big project here Aux Jardins des Thevenets, we should've know what is in store for us, but no, here we go again!

And the schedule is tight - the roofers want to do the new roof in just over 10 days time

In that time we must finish all the demolishing inside (2 walls must come out) put up the scaffolding and take off the old tiles.

The one thing that has been with us so far is the weather. Almost spring weather in autumn! We've had the most beautiful days so far and we lunch outside in the sun every day.
Making all our aches and pains worthwhile.

And our little hameau (hamlet) is really pretty. Only 6 neighbours and plowed fields around, it nestles between 2 small rivers, the Andelot and the Ancoutay.
We even have a distant view of the Puy du Dôme - our local volcanic mountaintop that is a landmark to many.

Ugly Betty on the right
Soon Ugly Betty is going to be 'La Belle des Sardons' !
Watch this space!


  1. Love it! Will definitely follow Betty's journey...merci!

  2. comme d'hab vous êtes les meilleurs.....bravo,pour cette nouvelle aventure,c'est sur...ce vilain petit canard deviendra un merveilleux cygne,plein de grâce dès que vous aurez terminé,sa renaissance ......