Thursday, 10 November 2011

Starting block

I know I know have kept many wondering with 'Ugly Betty'!

Well, Ugly Betty is the tiny little house we bought this summer and on Tuesday afternoon we did the final signing and she became ours.

First thing Wednesday morning, we headed over to our new little house to be converted into a gîte - self-catering cottage. I baptised her Ugly Betty as she's really ugly - only for now as she'll be turning into a beauty over the next few months. She has potential!

The decor to be changed
She certainly is a much smaller chunk than what we bit off almost 10 years ago when we arrived Aux Jardins des Thevenets!

So with this blog we'll keep you updated of Betty's journey and transformation from 'Ugly Betty' into a 'beauté'!

O demolishing the very horrible little entrance porch

Under the cement, beautiful old stonewalls

Gutting Betty
Before a run to the dump

The A team

Janine and Marcel, my 'French Parents' our first visitors
At the end of the first day..........


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy she is finally yours. I wish I could have been there with Janine and Marcel! Loads of luck and hugs to you and Olivier!

  2. She looks better already! I'm going to follow this with interest, choosing which bedroom will be mine...


  3. salut la famille,
    ça promet ! cette maison c'est un peu comme plein de gens, comme disais Rémi DELMAS (le célèbre): "si tu gratte le ciment tu trouves le coeur de la jolie pierre" (à ne pas confondre avec le coeur de pierre, qui n'a rien à voir). Bon courage à vous. à plus :) Rémi DELMAS (l'autre, pas celui qui philosophe sur les cailloux) PS : elle fait vraiment peur la photo 11)

  4. I want broken the walls with you !!!! congrats ! I' m sure Ugly will be the most beautiful, the most splendid little house !!! We want welcome her when we return in Allier...oups my english, I promess to ameliorate my languauge during Betty beauty! adeline