Saturday, 17 March 2012

A thin black veil.........

Our Ugly Betty is really 'a l'air du temps'! In stead of a hard hat, she got a thin black veil!!!!!

The eternal optimist that I am, I thought once you do the beams, quick quick the tiles will be on!

But no, our carpenters did such huge holes in the walls to pass the beams, that for a week now Mr O has been filling up holes - once again! (do see the a previous post on holes!) And it's not over! The wonderful weather we've been having is certainly helping and encouraging especially my darling who I cannot help a lot anymore seeing that the rooms is starting to fill again on this side of the valley.

Well, I suppose that's the name of the game and if there's anybody out there that want to get some working experience - you're on!!


Froggie hugs from another marvelous sunny day in workers paradise

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So it's March, almost spring, and all of a sudden everything comes alive!
And the team helping with Ugly Betty's roof arrived as well - along with the 'authorisation de travaux'!
This morning Mr O, Jean-Yves, Christophe and his father Olivier started uncovering poor UB and when I pitched up around 11h30 on my bicycle, NOTHING!! 
All gone - one singe beam left! I realised a tiny bit what it must be like to live in war stricken zones.

Oh my Word!!

Poor UB lost her old Hat!

But she'll be covered hopefully at the latest tomorrow! (wishfull thinking) At least she'll have new beams all set in place for the new tiles that has been patiently waiting in the courtyard since December!

This will be a new kick in the butt to get us going after our very cold miserable unproductive February!

Watch this space for more!
And hopefully i'll have the courage to cycle there again tomorrow (and back this time!!!), take more pics and let you have it all!!