Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sweet spring and Happy Easter

I know long time no news from our side and our lovely Ugly Betty.
Well, it's just because it's going very slowly!

First Easter and the season at the B&B starting off galloping despite the terrible weather we've been having! 

My darling O has been filling in such big holes and lots of odds and ends and beams and and - as well as the glass door to the top floor giving us a room with a view!
And we also managed to find him someone to help him on site seeing that I am busy with the B&B and have only managed to pop in a few times the past month.

So here just a few pics - might not seem like progress but it is!

The roof episode has been epic - some misunderstandings - what is suppose to be a 'finished' roof for some is a basic structure with lots and lots of work for us - actually Olivier!

But, this too shall pass and hopefully the merry month of May will spur up the hopes and speed of the blooming of our Darling Ugly Betty

The plan of the central beam in the top room

Another friend from Espinasse popping in to see the progress


Philippe a friend from the village helping MrO with the central beam that will keep the roof together

The beautiful little river behind the house - l'Ancoutay

View towards the hamlet

So hopefully soon soon with more news!