Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another Monday

Well, this Monday started out in anticipation !
We thought the delivery of the beams and tiles for the roof will arrive this morning.
Whilst waiting we ajusted things for the future back door and I painted the doorframe before the final installation. As no one showed up by 11H30 we came back home to finalise the 'declaration des travaux' papers (in France they LOVE paperwork in 3 - 4 - 5 fold!!)

Back again at 13h30 and by 14h30 the truck arrived.

Now as this is in a tiny hamlet, with small streets, the only way the driver thought he could maneuver was to put the nose of the truck in the field opposite the house.

The said field is slowly but surely showing signs of delicious green growth.
The wall after the departure of the truck!

Needless to say, the truck with a couple of tons on its back could not reverse out of the field - a neighbour came along with his tiny tractor - the truck did not move - only leaned on another neighbours' wall . 

3 hours later, he did download the tiles and beams and had to drive through the field to get out and this time the tiny little tractor had to do the last bit of pulling.

So now we have so many excuses to do to new neighbours not yet formally met and repairs - tomorrow we're going over with Bubbly, Red Wine and many a humble bow!
O happy with everything IN the courtyard !

This is what life's about - you plan one thing, another happens!

But hey, it's all about sharing and hopefully this sharing process will bring us closer to our new neighbours!


  1. l'aventure c'est l'aventure, espérons que les voisins soient sympas,car vous êtes courageux et vous le méritez bien,ugly beauty betty vous en remerciera

  2. Sounds like Murphy's Law - whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Good luck on the diplomatic recovery with the neighbours. Happy Christmas to you both.
    Frank & Ellis XXX

  3. @ mimiléandre - ils sont vraiment super sympas les nouveaux voisins et tt est rentre dans l'ordre!
    @ Frank & Ellis - actually it has been a good occassion to really meet them and they are all wonderful! Thank heavens though that there are things like assurance! Wonderful Xmas to you both as well and look forward to seeing you next year!