Tuesday, 27 December 2011

First Door IN

As I mentioned in my Monday post, I painted the frame of the backdoor whilst waiting for the delivery truck!


on Tuesday afternoon (20/12) we actually fitted the door!

Do not know if any of you remembered the BIG HOLE after we took out the midget size backdoor.

 In the meantime Olivier built up the sides again and on Sunday went with a friend to put the stone lintel on top! 
not quite Kimberley but...
Sides built up by my favourite mason
(Every now and then I refuse with the big big stuff pretending to be a fragile woman!)

Well, tonight the door is in (not totally sealed yet) but there!! And I am so proud of my husband and all he can do! To think when we met he was a graphic designer behind his computers 16 hours a day! And now a builder of fame!!

And I'll be back in 2012 to show the pics of the incredible adventure of the beams - Olivier and 2 friends has been working on it this week and as I have to do the B&B, could not do a real photo reportage, but have something to show you soon!

With Ugly Betty we thank you for being such wonderful supporting friends in this new brave venture.

Here's to a hell of a lot of sharing in 2012!

Over and out for 2011

Hugs from us and wishing you great goings in 2012


  1. Wow! You both are amazing! In the spirit of sharing, I will handle the B&B whilst you continue with Ugly Betty! Love to you both! Happy 2012!

  2. You're on Pam!! When do you arrive?? Many hugs and here's to seeing you soon soon in 2012!

  3. toute notre admiration et tous nos encouragements pour Ugly Betty en 2012,et pour les maîtres des lieux,que nous avons hâte de féliciter de vive voix

  4. @mimiléandre - merci mes amis pour votre soutien et votre encouragement!! Vivement les retrouvailles!

  5. Sylviane (alias Mrs T.)29 December 2011 at 09:10

    Well done ze Chaulieus!!! Congratulations for all this hard work and your progress! But do mind your hands the two of you... All the best for 2012!!!

  6. @Mrs T - thank you merci my dear!! Last week I just cooked so no blue hands!! Bises et a trs vite en 2012!