Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Monday

This is just a quicky!

Arriving 'Chez' Ugly Betty this morning, O started wistling the old tune of 'Monday Monday'!
It certainly gave us some courage to attack the finishing of the floor and carting off the rubble to the 'dechetterie' - 
we did 4 trailers today - a total weight of around 4 tons !!!

But you can see the look this morning!!


And what the room looked like when we left this afternoon!

Only thing I can say is that we are dog tired tonight !

See u later for more Ugly Betty adventures


  1. Amazing! You are both just amazing! Well done!

  2. Stem saam met Gypsy Chef, julle is amazing, en soos ons in SA sê, bietjie in die bol gepik. XX

  3. c'est tout simplement génial,je vous dis!

  4. Thank you, dankie, merci dear friends!! You give us courage to carry on!! Hugs L & O

  5. Ugly Betty is slowly but surely becoming a beauty under your TLC, sweat and talent. I think this must be the most satisfying job in the world. Can't wait to meet her.

  6. Travailleurs de la pierre, vous êtes sensationnels ! PaX

  7. @ Glynis - she's waiting for you dear!! R we seeing you again in JAN??

    @ PaX - merci chère PaX - il y a des jours plus sensationnels que d'autres!!!

    L & O

  8. Looks absolutely lovely now - but what a lot of work!!

  9. Kate think we are positively MAD! Especially today when we only did about 2 m² of chipping off of cement! Felt like I had it! But tomorrow is another day.........