Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Front door and adorable help!

The cement lintel
I think I have mentioned in one of my previous post that I am quite a 'strong' woman but boy oh boy, I am beginning to feel the years like everyone else AND especially when we have to move stone lintels down and up again, move cements lintels of uncertain weight up and down and and and!

So when after the window lintel we did early last week, we saw our friend and neighbor Jean-Yves, I jumped on the occasion to ask him to help O with the lintel above the front door.

Front door without the cement lintel

In the meantime one of our frequent guests, Alessandro, and his beautiful partner, Caroline, decided to come and see us the past weekend and on top he proposed his help for a couple of days - I JUMPED ON THAT OFFER!

Alé and Jean-Yves with the new stone lintel in place
After we've removed the cement lintel with Olivier in the week (and we had the firemen coming to put out a fire here Aux Jardins des Thevenets the evening of Olivier's birthday party and had to organise a plumber and the insurance), the

three boys went off to Ugly Betty on 
Sunday morning!

And came back just over and hour later and VOILA - the lintel in place above the door! 
I did not have to move a finger!! (Except cooking and organising etc as usual!)

And today I could 'relax' at home without rushing off to Ugly Betty as Alé is helping Olivier for a couple of days!
THE FRONT DOOR IN - Lintel resculpted by MR O!
So little by little, lintel by lintel, with little help from our friends, this is all coming together!

Nighty night!


  1. ah! oui, ça valait le coup de main de Alé et J-Y,pour épargner notre chère Lynn pendant 2/3 jours, on y voit plus clair ,sans l’échafaudage...,mais ce n'est pas fini,L&O ont besoin encore d'encouragements...!!

  2. Well done Lynn! You are the best at organizing and expediting everything. The US Senate could use you! Ugly Betty is looking better by the minute.
    Hugs to all.

  3. @ MimiLélé et oui, c'est déjà enorme qu'il y a des amis qui nous soutiennent! Merci mes chéris!

    @ Gypsy Chef - not always easy me dear!! But Alé certainly helped a lot and I have not posted re the lovely ceiling he helped Mr O with!!